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Garnite Systems Mfg., Ltd is finally updating the website! After debating about what to do and doing our homework, we decided a whole new change was in order.

Here is some history of our roofing products.

In the early 1960`s MCP (Mission Clay Products) developed an 8-1 polyglycol rubber that excited a lot of people. One of the chemists of MCP left the company and started working for Roofmart International. This chemist took with him the formula for the 8-1 product and they developed the Garnite Roofing system.

In the early 1990's Garnite Systems Mfg. got involved by importing and selling the "Garnite System" in Canada. The trade name "Garnite" was acquired in the late 90's . In the mid-2000's, GSM (Garnite Systems Mfg) learned that Garna-Flex, the basecoat, contains the chemical mercury that is used as part of the catalyst. At the same time, GSM learned about the formula originating from MCP and called the company to verify the facts about the mercury and confirm that MCP did in fact own the formula. This was confirmed and talks developed around the use of the product and the mercury in the product. Due to the poisonous properties and MCP wanting to be an ISO 9001 company, the original 8-1 formula was not acceptable to be manufactured on their premises.

In 2006, MCP started to develop a new formula that did not contain mercury and could still maintain the high standards of permeability, flexibility and tensile strength needed in the roofing industry. After some years of trial and error, testing, and reformulating we have the finished product ready for the roofing and waterproofing industry. It meets the "Cool Roof" standard of CRRC, it is a vapor barrier and is 100% adhered to the substrate.

Now, Garnite Systems Mfg. (GSM) is making available, in Canada and the U.S., an improved Garnite roofing system using the new MCP products featuring Iron Sentry products.

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